Friday, January 14, 2011

Artwork done before 1980

Oils done with palette knife.

Inspired by rock formations in Nevada & Utah

Oils done with brush and palette knife


Elza Metzelaar said...

That was quick Carole. Now you have a blog where we can see your work. I have never had the courage to work with oils so can only admire what you have painted. Looking forward to more.

Alex said...

They are great! =) Can't wait to see your new work and more posts

nanke's stuff said...

I've never worked with oils either, but I really admire your work. I like the colors you've chosen, and the textures are lovely! nancy

magpie said...

welcome to the blogosphere!
can't wait to see your work, especially photography.
(it's my main medium as well).

Anonymous said...

Welcome to EDM!! Wonderful work posted can't wait to see more!