Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My One Oil Instructor

The one and only oil painting teacher I ever had was a woman named Bright Schaeffer of Clinton County, Indiana.  She taught me for a few months when I was in the 9th grade in about 1958.  The two paintings are done in her style.  She was very patient, but I'm sure had given me up for a hopeless case when I used dark and bright, heavy color instead of her ethereal, gentle look.


nanke's stuff said...

What an interesting journey for me to see some of your early work. It's lovely. I especially like your paintings of horses. Even at such a young age your talent was obvious - they're very well done! nancy

Sandy in Michigan said...

I love this horse painting. The background, with its lovely light colors, makes a perfect setting for the true star of the painting, the horse!

Alex said...

Beautiful work Carole! I really like the atmosphere you're trying to portray, a lot of wide open spaces.
THanks for your comments on my sketches. And yes the last sketch is depicting a girl crying because she lost her pacifier. But eventually she did find it ^^